Wednesday, May 11, 2005

What's The Deal With Lincoln Chaffee?

I just don't get Lincoln Chaffee. He's announced that he is going to vote for John Bolton. Why? Does he hold some kind of bizarre faith in the Republican Party that if he just plays along, they will become more moderate? If so, he's sadly mistaken. Does Dick Cheney have pictures of him with a young Filipino boy? Because I can't think of another reason that Chaffee votes for Bolton. He doesn't agree with Bolton on much of anything. Bush and Bolton are tremendously unpopular in his home state of Rhode Island. He's up for reelection next year and early polls show him getting his ass kicked by Patrick Kennedy. Standing up to the radical Right and voting against Bolton gives him a chance to not only do some good in the world but to show the people of Rhode Island that he agrees with them and not the president. Instead, he helps dig his own political grave by voting for a man he doesn't want to vote for. I just don't understand.