Friday, May 27, 2005

Random Posting

I have nothing really to blog about and I haven't in several days. So I decided to channel Larry King and pointlessly list a bunch of random stuff I have on my mind.

1. The Blogging Blues--Does anyone out there have any advice about how to get out of a blogging rut? I want to post something most everyday but it seems like about 1 week a month I am dry.

2. Had the new Ben & Jerry's Dave Matthews Band ice cream. Pretty bland but generally inoffensive...

3. I found out today that Paul Anka is putting out an album of rock covers, including "Jump" and "Smells Like Teen Spirit." It's as bad as you can imagine. Interesting side note on Paul Anka. When Steve Goodman took Kris Kristofferson to see John Prine play in a bar in Chicago in 1970, a moment that started Prine's career, for some reason Anka was tagging along. He loved John Prine as much as Goodman and Kristofferson and tried to get Prine to hire him as his manager. What that would have been like, we can only guess since John Prine politely refused.

4. Speaking of music, if you like really good country music, check out Chris Gaffney. Gaffney is best known as Dave Alvin's sideman, which is another way of saying that he is not known at all. But he should be. He's really superb. He has a great Haggard-style voice and plays that kind of music too. A good songwriter and also plays the accordion. I highly recommend his 1995 album, Loser's Paradise but I also recommend the new album he has out as a member of The Hacienda Brothers, with Dave Gonzalez of The Paladins, a band I know nothing about.

5. God, the Seattle Mariners suck. I don't know if they'll win many more than their pathetic total of last year--63. That starting pitching is just brutal, they have a total of 3 HRs from their entire outfield, and they have black holes at shortstop and catcher. Lost to the mighty Devil Rays today which future definitely not Hall of Famer Mark Hendrickson pitching against them. Sigh.

6. Scott at Lawyers Guns Money has an interesting post about why Hillary could win in 2008 and how maybe she wouldn't be a bad candidate. I don't know if I agree with this, but if it were Hillary or John Kerry, I'd probably have to support Hillary just because she's a better politcian. But it's real hard to think that the Democrats couldn't do better.

7. I am supposed to be working on my dissertation. But I keep starting these side projects and working on them with more gusto than the dissertation. What does that say? Is it because I am just a guy with a lot of interests who gets bored quickly? Or is it because I find my dissertation terrifying and impossible to complete? Hmmm....