Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Bang Bang

Well it's good that the Bush administration decided not to push to renew the assault weapons ban. They're celebrating in Sandpoint, Idaho.

I generally think gun control is a losing issue for the Democrats. The gains they made even before 1994 were minimal and came at a great political cost. If people want to shoot things, I guess you can't stop them. So I've always been shy about pushing for greater gun control. But is there any good reason to make AK-47s and Uzis legal again. I think not. Well, unless you think that killing more people more rapidly is a good thing.

Who I really feel sorry for are the raccoons and gophers who come near someone's house in Wyoming. Ever since the Brady Bill was passed these animals simply invaded our homes and we just don't feel safe. Will somebody please think about the children!! Our child is going to step in a hole and break his leg. We just can't kill them fast enough with poison, baseball bats, pistols, and rifles. No, we need fully automatic weapons to take care of these furry terrorists.