Thursday, September 30, 2004

Debate Impressions

For the most part I thought Kerry completely dominated Bush tonight. He made a convincing case as to why Bush's policy toward both Afghainstan and Iraq was a disaster. He gave good solid policy answers while Bush could only say that he would keep his word and be certain. I thought there were several issues where Kerry could have attacked Bush more strongly and more directly. I was also glad that the networks (or at least CBS) ignored the rule about not showing the other candidate.

My big concern is that like the 1st Gore-Bush debate where conventional wisdom said afterwards that Gore won, only to have Republican pundits change this a few days later, will happen again. Who knows how the right will spin this.

One small piece of good news--CBS polls showed that Kerry did much better among undecided voters than Bush. Hopefully that will continue next week. One question--why is the next debate on a Friday night?

More tomorrow after I read the pundits.