Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Since everyone else is weighing in on the Dan Rather document fiasco, I guess I will too.

Why are we focusing on this? This has been perfect for the Bush campaign. This entire campaign they have been able to avoid discussing actual issues. First there was the Swift Boat deal. Now this. Ultimately, who cares what a person was doing 35 years ago? Shouldn't the focus on this campaign be on the present rather than Vietnam? This just gives everyone another excuse to continue discussing the merits or lackthereof of Bush and Kerry's service during the Vietnam era. As if this really matters for today. At least the debates are coming and we can only hope that Kerry will actually force Bush into discussing issues and his job performance as President. This whole thing is completely and utterly irrelevant to the real issues facing Americans today.

Second, is CBS entirely incompetent? Who wouldn't check their sources? I guess this demonstrates the increasingly irrelevance of the 3 major networks news shows. Who really cares what Rather, Jennings, or Brokaw has to say these days? Who under the age of 50 actually watches the nightly news to get their news? This only makes them seem more irrelevant. Now not only are they pointless, they're also incompetent. Worse, this just gives ammo to the right for them to talk about liberal bias in the media. Absoultely foolish.

The point of the 3 major news anchors:
Rather--weird Texas sayings during election coverage
Brokaw--to see if he can accomplish his goal to fellate every living WWII veteran
Jennings--I have no idea what the point of Peter Jennings is.