Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Local Fox News stations

See this article from The Nation about how a local Fox affiliate in Tucson confronted students registering voters at the University of Arizona. This news crew claimed that it was illegal to register out-of-state students in Arizona, which is of course not true.

This brings up 2 interesting points.

1. The depths Republicans will go to to stop people from voting is amazing.

2. We always focus on the evil of the big Fox News channel. But we should also look at the effect that local Fox stations are having. First, because they are on at a reasonable time for people who have to work in the morning, they are reaching a lot of people that the other stations are not. Second, it is an hour long and therefore seems (at least in New Mexico) to have more stories taken from the big Fox News network. These stories are invariably conservative. While I haven't heard of a local station taking such a confrontational approach in their conservative activism before this, it doesn't surprise me. A larger effect is likely the slow infusion of conservative thoughts into people's minds through the more subtle reporting people get each day from watching their local news from Fox.