Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Blog Name

So my good friends at the most excellent blog Lawyers Guns Money are wondering what's with the name Alterdestiny. It doesn't have any real profound meaning. It's my favorite quotation from the sublime Sun Ra who once made a movie where he battled with a pimp for the soul of the black race and also once said in another movie while sitting in front of the White House, "How can there be a White House if there's not a Black House?" I believe the Alterdestiny quote comes from his Space is the Place album.

But rather than the New Age connotations it perhaps suggests, and which I shudder at, it also can mean the potential for an alternative to the horrific destiny this country and this world seems to be on. Working together the forces of good can create an alternative to the forces of evil that are currently running this country. I don't mean this specifically in a Democrat-Republican way, but most of the evil ones in this country are Republicans.It may not be as direct a title as What Is To Be Done? but it still can have real meaning.