Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Im Kwon-Taek

I recently watched the 2nd of the 2 Im Kwon-Taek films available in America, Chi-Wha-Seon (Pained Fire) about the Korean artist Ohwon. Why are more of his movies not available in America. Both Chi-Wha-Seon and Chunhyang are top notch films that I would highly recommend. Chi-Wha-Seon is not only a revealing movie about late nineteenth century Korean history, which I doubt many know anything about at all, including myself, but also an excellent movie about an artist. It is interesting to compare to movies about artists in America and Europe such as Pollack, Orpheus, or Andrei Rublev. Check it out. I've heard that Im is a quite proficient director and has been making films for some decades so hopefully some of this older work will become available in America soon.