Monday, September 27, 2004

Security Moms

One of the most annoying events of this election cycle has been the rise of the "Security Moms." This creature is supposedly a woman who has abandoned the Democrats because of concerns about terrorism, especially after the Chechen attack on the Russian school. These women are supposed to be liberal on social issues but believe that Bush can protect their children. Here's a great article by Noam Scheiber arguing that there is no evidence for this. Of course, the Democrats are buying into the idea and desperately coming up with a strategy to counter it.

My take on this is that its yet another way for the media to attack Kerry for not being Bush. By creating an issue that argues that Kerry is losing women it may develop into a reality where he does lose women, particularly if the Democrats focus on it. Why do we not hear anything about constituencies Bush is losing, real or imagined? Could this be yet another masterful play by Bush's postmodern reelection team? If something's not true, let's say it is true and then it will become true!!