Monday, November 10, 2008


With Howard Dean stepping down as the Democratic National Committee chair, it's worth remembering what a great leader he has been over the past several years. Remember back to 2000, or even 2003. The DLC was in control of the party. Democrats were supposed to run like Republicans. The party only focused on a small number of states where they could pour a ton of money into on a 50% + 1 strategy. Dozens of Republican congressmen ran unopposed as the Democrats didn't figure it was worth running an opposing candidates. The Democrats played defense all the time.

In 2008, everything is different.

Of course, Dean played only one part in that transformation. But it was such an important part, both mentally and strategically. Although I was not a Deaniac in 2004, mostly because I thought he was too conservative on several policies, I respected the hell out of him for being proud to be a Democrat. His 50 state strategy has been genius, and he should be credited with revitalizing the party across the nation. The old DLC-James Carville strategy of hiring Dick Morris and being Republican-lite is fading fast.

In some ways, I'm sad that Dean is moving on but I guess playing second fiddle has never been his strong suit and Obama is in charge of the party now. I hope he moves on to continue playing a major role in our party.