Monday, November 17, 2008

Elections ongoing

It still ain't over until...

Well, according to this post over at Bitch, Ph.D., it might end up in the courts.

I'm by no means unbiased here. Norm Coleman is a dangerous wanker, one of the few political figures I actually hate. He was my hometown mayor, he's in a sham marriage and talks about family values, and his hypocritical stands are matched by canny triangulation.

He's engaged in a full court press. With Alaska gone D, and Georgia close, this might be THE filibuster breaker. The Star Tribune, the onetime liberal Minneapolis daily, is drinking Normade, and Minnesota Public Radio, the most aristocratic of public radio stations, is pushing RNC lines.

Please call the Franken campaign and get them to wake up. Call MPR and write the Star Tribune. Maybe this will work out, but the Right is putting more pressure on the Secretary of State's office than the other side. Minnesota has a good process that should be run without interference. If Coleman wins the recount clean, well then we kick him around for 6 more years, but if he succeeds in sending it to the courts, then we're still in 'Right Wing Judicial Coup' territory.

Links available over there.

Also, over at, you can find a phonebanking tool for voters in Georgia for the recount.

Don't forget these because we won the big one.