Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's Hard Out There For A Cracker

It's real hard to be a racist white these days. We have a black man as president of the United States. Black people are president of our universities. We have to listen to hip hop blaring on campus.

And now a good clean cut white fraternity can't even wave the Confederate flag.

It's hard out there for a cracker.

Mike Adams has already shifted to pushing white resentment in the face of the Obama election (although he probably was before the election too.) Not only does Adams tell the sad story of a University of North Carolina-Wilmington fraternity that got in trouble for flying the Confederate flag, but he says that it is less offensive than hip hop. Hip hop uses the "n" word after all. And of course, Adams says the real reason they got in trouble is because the United States elected Barack Obama as president.

Adams uses this sad, sad story as a metaphor for the decline of white privilege throughout America. And I know, it's tough. Pretty soon, white men won't make up over 90% of CEOs of top corporations, most of the U.S. Senate and the Supreme Court, and control an enormous amount of the nation's wealth. And what kind of a nation would that be?

Probably a pretty good one.

Via Anti Neo-Confederate