Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans' Day

In honor of Veterans' Day, here are the lyrics to the great song of the same name by Tom Russell, as well as a You Tube clip of Russell playing the song back in 1991. Not a great video quality but an amazing song.

verse 1

Well I used to hang out down at the local VFW hall

And stare at the photographs up on the wall

Of the neighborhood boys that died back in World War II

And the hand lettered sign that said remember our Jimmy McGrew

verse 2

Well Jimmy went away back in 1965

But there's a lot of men here that think Jimmy McGrew's still alive

Though they carved his name on a stone in Washington DC

His brother said that stone don't prove a damn thing to me


It's veteran's day and the skies are gray

Leave the uniforms home cause there ain't gonna be a parade

But we'll fill up a glass for the ones that didn't make it through

And leave a light in the window tonight for Jimmy McGrew

verse 3

There's a hot rain fallin' on the back streets of Saigon

There's an old soldier stumblin' down the alley with his mama-san

Lord his eyes are cloudy and his arms are black and blue

He's just hangin' by a thread and he looks like Jimmy McGrew