Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prop 8 Protests

Around the country today, at coordinated times, people took to the streets to protest the passing of Proposition 8 and other gay marriage bans across the country.

I've been in my Obama-victory haze and have admittedly not written as much about this as I should, other than recommending Olbermann's comment on the subject.

But Karthika and I headed down to City Hall in Philly today to join the fun, and took some pictures on the way.

It's always amazing to me to see the diversity at events like this. I absolutely love the energy, the straight parents bringing little kids, the older parents holding signs that say "Proud Father of a Gay Son." The "str8 against 8" signs were particularly prominent today. And despite the stupid coming from some sectors, people of all ethnicities were represented.

That's the thing no one tells you about public protest, collective action, etc. How much fun it all is. I'm not happy that Prop 8 passed. But the response to it around the country has been amazing.

For those Obama organizers and volunteers who are genuinely befuddled as to "Now what?" I offer these events as an idea. Electing Obama was a beginning, not an ending. We still have much work to do.

And while I'm talking about Prop 8, I'd like to remember Duanna Johnson, a transgender woman murdered in what is all too common a manner. While we fight for marriage equality, we need to remember that not everyone's life will be made OK by granting marriage rights.

We still have a way to go, indeed.

(more photos at Flickr)