Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Brian tagged us with this meme asking you to name 6 random things about yourself. My policy on these things is not to tag others, but to simply ask for volunteers to either bare your soul here or at your own place. If you care to embarrass yourself as I do, feel free to join in.

1. I have spent the last three July 4ths outside of the country.

2. I have a goal of visiting every county in the United States. And I keep track of them.

3. I really, really hate Andean flute music. That recent South Park touched a nerve.

4. I was almost put into a special education P.E. class in elementary school. I'm not really particularly uncoordinated now though.

5. I have a tendency to look at the ground when I walk. Due to this, I once gave myself a concussion while hiking when I smacked my head on a boulder. This may contradict the end of point #4.

6. The first beer I ever had was a Henry Weinhard's Red. Which is a weird first beer.

Your turn.