Saturday, November 22, 2008

Most. Inappropriate. Product-Display-Arrangement. EVER.

So, earlier this week, I was at Macy's down by Penn Station (the Macy's of Miracle on 34th Street) doing some Christmas shopping. I happened to be browsing in the jewelry section, when I came upon a little case displaying various charms. One was a World Trade Center charm. Maybe a little tacky, but whatever. But RIGHT NEXT TO IT in the display case?

This charm.

I have no idea if this was intentional or accidental. Equally shocked and amused, I almost said something to the salesperson along the lines of, "um, are you aware of this? Does it strike you as perhaps a bit inappropriate, at least in New York?," but I decided to let things be and leave others with the chance to be amused or appalled. Seriously, you couldn't make things up like that if you tried.