Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I can't help but wonder why the Times employs Nicholas Kristof. Even though I guess he's left of center, I can't think of one editorial he's ever written that is more than passably interesting. Today he rehashes the Democrats Are Out Of Touch With America argument by praising Hillary's move to the right. In particular he discusses how Hillary has begun to discuss abortion as a great tragedy. Rather than see this as pandering to a perceived rightward trend in the nation on this issue by Hillary, he praises her move as something the Democrats need to follow, "The Democratic Party commits seppuku in the heartland by coming across as indifferent to people's doubts about abortions or even as pro-abortion." Despite the one poll he gives saying that Americans want to restrict abortion, there is little evidence that this is true. Most people, a) want the option of abortion for themselves and their family, b) don't want complete bans on abortion, and c) are uncomfortable with the lunatic right's attacks on abortion clinics, abortion doctors, and women's right to have an abortion if they need it. People may not like the idea of abortion as a birth control option but they do want it to be an option.

Sorry to hear in this article that he is a fellow native of Oregon. Not our proudest moment. I suppose he's better than Tonya Harding though.