Sunday, March 27, 2005

Silver Linings

My wife recently pointed out a silver lining to the tsunami in Asia. The earthquake was so strong that it reduced the day by 3 microseconds. What that means is that we have 3 microseconds less of George W. Bush for the remainder of his term. I guess that must add up to something like 3800 microseconds or so less of the Bush administration. I don't know if that adds up to a full second but even that tiny amount of time gives me just a small silver lining in horror of the tsunami.

On the other hand, the silver lining of the Bush administration is that the Yankees have not won the World Series. If you had told me that in the fall of 2000 I would have thought you were crazy. I would take another 4 years of Yankee failures.

When I write my history of the Bush administration, that is how I will be objective--I'll slam everything they did in the harshest language but I will laud the era as one of Yankee failure.