Friday, March 25, 2005

Why I Hate Fundamentalists, Reason #6732

My uncle died last week. Like the rest of my Mom's side of the family he grew up Lutheran. Like most of them he drifted away. When he was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago he started going to some fundamentlist church. So the funeral was there.

At the funeral, the preacher had the nerve to say, in front of my Grandmother, my Mom, and her sister, "He was Lutheran and then he found God."

Although I am no longer a Lutheran, or religious in anyway whatsoever, I'd like to give a huge Fuck You to that preacher. Not only is saying something like that absoultely classless but is all too damn typical of in-your-face arrogant fundamentlists. Maybe I'm upset about my uncle but I just flat out cannot tolerate these people. Who the hell do they think they are to go around trying to convert everyone all the time, regardless of the situation.

If I ever say anything nice about Christian fundamentalists on this blog, would someone kindly remind me of this post so I can go back to hating them again? I'd appreciate it.