Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Those Sandinista Terrorists!!

After September 11, the Bush administration decided to crack down on the most nefarious terrorists in the Western Hemisphere. Yes, that's right--old members of the Sandinistas. For instance, just recently the United States denied entry to Sandinista and prominent historian of Latin America Dora Maria Tellez because of her supposed terrorist activities. That nutty left-wing institution Harvard had offered her a teaching position but the US government came to our rescue and saved our children from her terrorist training camp of a classroom. There have been several other Sandinistas denied entry to the US as well, despite the fact that they had visited the US multiple times in recent years.

This is of course absolutely absurd. The Sandinistas as much terrorists as I am. In 1979 they overthrew the extraordinarily oppressive and corrupt Somoza regime with their popular revolutionary movement. While they did not govern in a perfect manner, as if we should have expected them to, they did a lot for the people of Nicaragua. Unfortunately, they were undermined by a true terrorist organization, the US-sponsored Contras. By any reasonable definition of terrorism, the Contras were far more terrorist than the Sandinistas. It was the Contras who raped women. It was the Contras who led attacks on peaceful villagers. It was the Contras who were determined to terrorize the Nicaraguan countryside until the Sandinistas fell from power.

Overall the Contras were a successful terrorist organization because the people of Nicaragua finally realized that the only way they would stop dying was to elect an opposition party which happened I believe in 1989. This Republican funded terrorist organization however did not have great post-Sandinista success as Sandinistas now control most of the state governments in Nicaragua. They would have more control over the national scene if it wasn't for Daniel Ortega, who is more or less a disgusting human being. Most Nicaraguans are turned off by his sexual relationship with a female family member--I believe his daughter. So you can see why he wouldn't win nationally. But in any case isn't just like terrorists to win free and fair elections!!

This case has 2 major lessons for the war on terrorism.

1. The word terrorism has virtually no meaning and is used as a political tool. By using the war on terrorism this way, it makes the word almost devoid of meaning.

2. The Republican party is determined to get back at all the people they think fucked with the US over the last 50 years. Afghanistan was first, and rightly so. Iraq came next and clearly for no real reason at all except that the administration wanted a war against them. Next--Iran and Syria. And where they can, they will get back at those dirty Central American terrorists for actually fighting for the same rights we have, or at least had, in the United States.

This is just disgusting.