Friday, November 30, 2007

Erik's Random 10

Despite owning two albums, I'm still not sure what to make of Animal Collective. This seems like the kind of band I would like a lot. I have always enjoyed experimental music, with a lot of interesting noises. Just last night, I saw the MirĂ³ Quartet perform compositions by John Zorn and George Crumb, both of which were pretty mind expanding. Animal Collective is the darling of the indie world.

But I'm not sure. It's certainly interesting music. But with Animal Collective and others of its ilk, (especially Battles, who I saw recently and felt very confused by) I'm not sure if the noise adds up to anything.

Usually I figure I "get" music, even if I don't much care for it. But I can understand what's going on and why people like it. I'm not so sure with Animal Collective and these new noise-rock bands. For the first time ever, I wonder if I am too old to understand them. Is there something going on that I am not getting because of generational issues? I keep listening to them, trying to figure it out. It's become a challenge of sorts. I keep thinking that at some point, I am going to listen to an album and it's all going to come together and I will be a big fan. I'm doing that as I write this. But it hasn't happened yet.

1. Animal Collective, Daffy Duck
2. The Music of Islam, Vol. 8: Folkloric Music of Tunisia, El Guelb Ely Yehwek
3. Sufjan Stevens, The Pick-Up
4. Bill Frisell/Vernon Reid, Size 10 1/2 Sneaks
5. Antonio Vivaldi, Laudate Pueri, Ut Collocet Eum--Allegro, Ottavio Dantone, director
6. Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five, Hotter Than That
7. King Crimson, B'Boom
8. Charlie Poole, Sunset March
9. Bobby Bare, Jr., Valentine
10. Anthony Coleman, Hidden Language