Friday, November 30, 2007

Mr. Trend's Random 10

"Andy," by Mike O'Neil, is off of Neko Case's Canadian Amp EP. The album is a nice little tribute to Case's sometimes-home country, Canada. Six of the eight tracks on the album are covers, and all but one (Hank Williams' "Alone and Forsaken") are Canadian-born. Generally, cover albums are hit-and-miss, but Case nails every one on this album. There isn't much in the way of variation in sound from one to the next - they all have the sparse, haunting sound to Furnace Room Lullaby, but, at an economical 23 minutes over 8 songs, this isn't much of a problem. Also, the songs she picks are perfect for this kind of delivery (even, surprisingly, Neil Young's "Dreamin' Man"). While the album isn't quite as varying or beautiful as Blacklisted or Fox Confessor Brings the Flood, it's still a top-notch EP top to bottom, and a great late-night album.

1. "Double Image" - Miles Davis
2. "Déserts - 1st Episode" - Edgard Varèse
3. "Stephanie Says" - Velvet Underground
4. "Se Tudo Pode Acontecer" - Arnaldo Antunes
5. "Denia" - Manu Chao
6. "You, Drum" - Liars
7. "Andy" - Neko Case
8. "O Céu" - Marisa Monte
9. "Coisa No. 4" - Moacir Santos
10. "Positivismo" - Noel Rosa