Friday, March 14, 2008

Lyrad's Random 10

While Deep Throat is a pretty important movie in the history of cinema, the soundtrack to the movie is not as much. It is so unimportant that the artists performing on the album are completely unknown as far as I can find. The record was originally given out as a promotion for select theaters, and then was forgotten about for years and years. This song sounds more like a police chase cue than "pussy cola," though I can't say I'm sure how that's supposed to sound.

1. Artist Unknown--Pussy Cola (from the soundtrack to Deep Throat)
2. David Lynch--Go Get Some (from the soundtrack to Mulholland Drive)
3. Rasputina--State Fair
4. Ludwig van Beethoven--Sonata No.7 in D for Piano, Op.10, No.3; 3.Minuetto (Allegro) & Trio (Edwin Fischer, Pn.)
5. New York Dolls--Trash
6. Khevrisa--Ahavo Babbo Shteyger (Yiddish Traditional)
7. Al Hopkins & the Bucklebusters--Mississippi Sawyer
8. Marty Robbins--The Little Green Valley
9. Lemmy--Cut Across Shorty
10. Bill Frisell--Shenandoah