Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lyrad's Random 10

Fantomas is one of two supergroups that former Faith No More frontman Mike Patton participates in. Consisting of Patton on vocals, Buzz Osbourne (Melvins) on guitar, Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle) on bass and the great Dave Lombardo (Slayer) on drums. Over the past ten years, this band has put together four widely varied albums, often evoking John Zorn's Naked City projects, but from more of a metal standpoint than Zorn's jazz platform. The album represented here is The Director's Cut, which contains themes from films from The Godfather and Rosemary's Baby to Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and this track, the '70s BBC thriller Vendetta. It's a great song that's mostly instrumental, though Patton uses his voice for rhythm and random noises. This is certainly their most conventional album with some honestly pretty songs on it (the themes to Charade and Experiment in Terror, most namely).

1. Fantomas--Vendetta
2. Big Bill Broonzy--Rukus Juice Blues
3. Dillinger Escape Plan--When Acting as a Wave
4. Oscar Benito--El Cumbanchero
5. Piero Piccioni--One More Time (from the soundtrack to Quel caldo maledetto giorno di fuoco)
6. Claude Debussy--Syrinx for Flute (Johannes Walter, Fl)
7. Steve Earle--I Can Wait
8. Masami Nakagawa--Arirang
9. Led Zeppelin--The Rain Song
10. Bill Frisell--Perritos