Friday, March 28, 2008

Mr. Trend's Random 10

There's little more to say about Beethoven, so I'll comment on something different this week. When I got my iPod in 2006, I did so not out of any love of modern technology, but because it was going to be easier to take my 1000+ CDs to Brazil on an iPod than to take all the CDs (or to decide which albums were worthy of going). When I got the thing (or rather, the day after I got it), reports started coming out questioning their durability. I commented to my wife (then girlfriend), "well, I don't care if it doesn't last 20 years - I just need it to last while I'm in Brazil.

I got back from Brazil last Thursday. On Friday, it started freaking out (as did my laptop - must be some technological dengue or something). It's functioning normally now, but only after I had to wipe the whole thing clean. While re-ripping everything and putting it back on the iPod is already tedious, I can't complain - it lasted as it was exactly until I got back from Brazil. Hooray technology.

1. "Corta Jaca" - Abel Ferreira
2. "Last Ap Roach" - Squarepusher
3. "Mutiny, I Promise You" - The New Pornographers
4. "Talkn' Trash" - Betty Davis
5. "Now Now" - St. Vincent
6. "Riot" - Miles Davis
7. "Sonata #8 In C Minor, Op. 13, "Pathetique" - 1. Grave, Allegro Di Molto E Con Brio" - Ludwig van Beethoven
8. "Belo Horizonte" - Noel Rosa
9. "Oriente" - Gilberto Gil
10. "Foundation #2" - William Parker