Friday, February 23, 2007

Erik's Random 10

Matt is providing real music blogging this Friday, but I'll go ahead with my lame random 10 anyway.

1. The Gourds, Bean Bowl
2. Grateful Dead, Beat It On Down The Line
3. 764-Hero, The Way A Leash Feels
4. Liza Hanim, Rindu Ha Tihu Tidah Terkira
5. Tortoise/Bonnie Prince Billy, Cravo E Canela
6. Bob Dylan, Seven Days
7. Tom Russell, Rider On An Orphan Train
8. Koto Music of Japan, Midare
9. Two High String Band, The Old Place
10. Tom Zé, A Volta Do Trem Das Onze (8.5 Milhoes De Km2)