Monday, February 05, 2007

Stan Humphries Must Be A Happy Man


Because Rex Grossman beat him out for worst Super Bowl quarterback ever. I never thought Humphries would lose that honor. Neil O'Donnell gave him a run (and had a worse Super Bowl than Humphries). But after '96, I figured it was all Stan. And it was for a long time. But Rex Grossman--wow. That is a terrible quarterback. When Joey Harrington would be a significant improvement for your team, you know you have a bad quarterback. Grossman simply cannot be the starting QB there next year. He is dreadful.

I wonder who the worst Super Bowl QB was before Humphries. Steve Grogan? Craig Morton? David Woodley?

Also, for those who are questioning the Humphries choice, I think Trent Dilfer and Chris Chandler were significantly better quarterbacks. Todd Collins and Neil O'Donnell were slightly better. As for worst ever performance in the game, Craig Morton going 4-15 for 39 yards and 4 picks in Super Bowl XII must win.