Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Outside my house as I write are two guys in an argument who sound as though they will come to blows. Undoubtedly, they won't, but I find these kinds of things very interesting, having had personal experience with the phenomenon as well. What are these guys fighting about? It's hard to say. There are a bunch of statements like "Bring it!" "I'll kick your ass!" "Go ahead and try! I'll get up right up and kick your fucking ass right back!" and so on. What I think is really going on, though, is that two frat buddies (which I say because of the heavy use of "bra") got too drunk too early in the day and they drunkenly stumbled over the other's huge penis and it hurt so bad that they had to fight about it. So, after about five minutes of screaming now, there has been a silence. Is the fight over? Have they come to terms? Is one of them dead? No, because here comes the screaming again. This time, though, the noise comes through sniffles. "Bra, don't you see how much I fucking love you, you asshole?!" "I love you too, Bra!" I can only imagine that they just hugged, and I'm about to tear up myself. Jesus, what a couple of morons. Is this what has to pass for emotion in the male mind? Sometimes, I'm ashamed to be part of them.