Friday, February 09, 2007

Lyrad's Random 10

1. Spartanburg Famous Four--Anybody in Heaven that You Know
2. Kurt Weill--Barbara Song
3. Maurizio de Angelis--I corpi delle vittime [Bodies of Victims] (from the soundtrack to Torso)
4. Clutch--Droid
5. Charlie Hayden Quartet West--Lonely Town
6. The Meat Purveyors--What Goes On
7. Beki Bondage--The Boys Are Back in Town
8. Taraful Din Baia--Mai Dorule (Romanian Gypsy traditional)
9. Ennio Morricone--Rag Nuziale [Ultimo Matrimonio] (from the soundtrack to Trio Infernale)
10. Jean Sibelius--Symphony No.2 in D, Op.43; 4. Allegro moderato (Royal PO; William Boughton, cond.)