Friday, September 14, 2007

The 2007 Women's World Cup

I suspect there isn't much being made of it (despite the U.S. Women being defending champs), but the Women's World Cup started this week. Brazil's female team is a favorite to win this year, boasting 2006's female player of the year (Marta) and just a great squad all around. The most bizarre news thus far, though, has been Argentina's performance (Brazil and Argentina are the only two Latin American teams in the 16-team tournament). Argentina's female team...well...they lost 11-0 in their first game against Germany (including two own-goals. By the goalie.) The FIFA president lamented the result, saying it was "not good" for women's soccer, but hey, he's the moron who suggested female players wear skimpier outfits to attract attention to the sport, so his opinions are clearly...meatheaded. Suffice to say, with two losses in Group A already, and a -12 goal differential (having lost 1-0 to Japan in the final minute yesterday), Argentina is all but statistically eliminated). I'll continue pulling for Brazil in this one, and enjoy knowing Argentina has gotten killed in another World Cup.