Saturday, September 29, 2007

Punk'd Again

I think maybe Charles Johnson needs a vacation. A couple days ago, the bedwetting bigot got took by what turned out to be a movie still. Today he spews his milky outrage over this Jerusalem Post story, which claims to show photos of what Johnson calls a "barbaric honor killing in Gaza" (with Johnson, you can be sure that, whatever they're doing in Gaza, it's barbaric). Not so much, says Charles Levinson, noting that the photos come from a video of a murder which took place in Iraq in 2004. Oops. That's what you get for believing what you read in the Jerusalem Post, I guess, but I am always amazed at how Johnson is able to work up concern for the deaths of Palestinians when, and only when, they're killed by other Palestinians.

Step away from the keyboard, Charles, go out, take a walk. Give yourself a furlough from the War against Islamofascism. We can spare you (believe me, we can spare you). There will still be a whole religion and culture for you to slander when you get back.