Tuesday, September 25, 2007

An Inside Look at Union-Busting Seminars

Art Levine got inside a union-busting seminar. He produces a fascinating must-read out of it. If you haven't been exposed to evil lately, I highly recommend it.

Union busting has a long history in this nation and it has only become more intense in the last thirty years as American companies decided to break the long-term compact between themselves and workers in the name of higher profits.

Perhaps the most telling thing about Levine's story is the Jackson Lewis law firm, which specialize in union busting, telling companies they can lie about anything concerning unions:

"The labor board doesn’t really care if people are lying."

At this point, the National Labor Relations Board is a joke. Even under in Clinton is was unfriendly to workers. Now it is an active tool of industry and only forces to follow the law in a very open-ended and broad way. Lying? Not a problem in the least! I guess so long as you don't actually murder a union organizer, it's all good.