Thursday, November 06, 2008

Give to Jim Martin

To follow up on Sarah's post below, give money to Jim Martin! Do it right here!

Words cannot describe what a horrible person Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss is. If you remember back to 2002, Chambliss called then Senator Max Cleland a traitor and connected him to Al-Qaeda. Cleland lost 3 limbs in Vietnam. This worked in Georgia. Chambliss won in the most reprehensible campaign of the year.

At the end of this election, he was campaigning heavily in northern Georgia, talking about how "they" were voting this year. Gee, who did he mean by "they"? Chambliss is a racist and a scumbag.

I just gave Jim Martin $25. I challenge the rest of you to match me.

And when I say challenge, think about to the Jerry Lewis telethons when challenges happened all the time. Like Lewis, the French love me even though I am not funny.

In all seriousness, I think most of us can give at least a small amount to help out Jim Martin. There is still a chance that a Martin win in the December runoff could give us the filibuster proof majority.

Also, Sarah deserves credit for moving this blog in a more advocacy direction, which I think is a good thing.