Tuesday, November 04, 2008

If You Haven't Already Voted, What Are You Doing Reading This Blog???!!?!?!?

To echo Sarah, go vote today!!! Be it for Barack Obama, John McCain, Charles "Chuck" Baldwin, Cynthia McKinney, Brian Moore, Ralph Nader, Bob Barr (and his moustache), or somebody else - just please go vote. I know it's cliche, but as somebody who's spent a fair amount of his time reading about dictatorships, voting is something Americans really do take for granted, so get out there and exercise the right our government still hasn't denied us.

And in the anecdotal portion, I spent only a half-hour in line this morning waiting to vote (though it was 7AM), and it went quickly and smoothly (apparently, in New York, we don't vote on ballot initiatives or tax issues or sherriff or anything with the general election - maybe that will come next year with the mayoral and city council elections). There were no problems, everybody seemed to be in a good mood, and some election monitors even showed up to see how things were going. And I realized that this was the first time I ever voted on Election Day (previously having voted absentee in 2000 and early voting in 2004), making today even more exciting.

Anyhow - VOTE!