Friday, June 05, 2009

Random Music Observations (IX)

-Who listens to the Black Eyed Peas? I know they've sold millions of albums, I've never known anybody who had anything other than pure contempt for them, and I know some people with awful taste in music.

-"Yummy Yummy Yummy I Got Love in my Tummy" surely must be the worst set of lyrics in rock ever. This is followed closely by N*Sync singing "Your love is like a river/Peaceful and deep/Your soul is like a secret/That I never could keep." What the fuck does that even MEAN???!?!?!

-On a related, music in the late-90s was awful. N Sync? Creed? Limp Bizkit? Jeebus....

-I don't get Prince. Never have, and probably never will. The only things he's ever seemed to do decently, Funkadelic did much better.

-Having worked at Borders Books before, I have been subjected to some truly terrible music. However, nothing will beat the day when Cher Live - the Farewell Tour played on repeat for 7 hours. Demons had apparently possessed the machine, and we couldn't get it to even turn off; the only way would have been to throw the power to the entire store, and we couldn't do that until closing. When I go to hell, that CD (along with ABBA Gold) will be the soundtrack that eternally plays overhead.