Wednesday, June 03, 2009

OAS Readmits Cuba

Even small steps are important ones. And while Cuba may not automatically be in quite yet, this is more than a small step.

Two other quick things to note in passing: first, while the U.S. clearly isn't just welcoming Cuba in with open arms right away, I still can't express how exciting it is to see this country finally using sane, reasoned, rhetoric towards Cuba after more than 50 years. It may not be exactly the rhetoric some want to hear, but at least it's finally measured. Second, and more importantly, it's nice to see the OAS isn't a blatant bully-pulpit for the U.S. to demand smaller and "less powerful" states enforce U.S. policy throughout the region. This has been the case for way too long, and it's just amazing to finally be seeing the OAS functioning as a collection of nation-states, in which the U.S. is but one voice of many, some of whom are often at odds, working together to effect policy throughout the hemisphere based on broad interests rather than the sometimes-childish domination of one country.