Thursday, November 09, 2006

Memo to the World: the Cold War Is Over

Nothing like seeing a ghost...or, in this case, nothing like watching Republicans freaking out over the election of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. It's fine and well to condemn his platforms now, but he is not and never was a Communist Jesus. It would help if you actually read about his platforms, instead of remaining ignorant about how much his policies and plans have changed since 1979 (such as, for example, his alliance with the traditional Catholics). That way, you wouldn't get uptight expecting some crazy Communist revolution to break out again, wondering if we need to trot out the domino theory in the Americas again, maybe support a right wing dictator.

And partisan efforts to take out Democrats for their so-called "familiarity" with him is just plain stupid. Heaven forbid Jimmy Carter, who oversaw elections in Nicaragua this past Sunday, actually meet every candidate, including Ortega.

So please - grow up. The Cold War is over, and Ortega is not going to shake America to it's core.

(Thanks to Randy over at Beautiful Horizons for this one).