Monday, November 20, 2006

Q: How Stupid Are The Chicago Cubs?

A: Very stupid

It does seem fitting that a team as consistenly foolish as the Cubs would sign Alfonso Soriano to an 8 year deal. Who wants to think about Soriano in 8 years? Will he be able to move? Will his fielding percentage be above 50%? Will he be able to hit anything but a fastball down the center of the plate? Will he ever lead his team to a winning record?

I know that baseball is awash in cash. Some teams seem to be forgetting the lessons learned in the more fiscally sane years of 2002-04. You can win without spending gobs of cash. You don't need to sign players to ridiculously long deals. Ideas of "power" and "wins" are overrated. But no, the Cubs seem to think it is 2000 again. Hey, I hear Chan Ho Park is available. I'm sure he'd be up for another 5 year, 55 million dollar contract!

Seriously, with the money in baseball these days, it makes sense to sign someone like Soriano to a $15 mil per deal. But not for 8 years! Maybe for 3 or 4. Even 5 given the poor free agent market, though I wouldn't be glad if my team did. This contract just screams ALBATROSS!