Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Message to Joe Biden--Please Stop Talking!

Shorter Biden, "I don't know anything about Mexico, therefore I can use it as a convenient scapegoat to blame all of America's problems upon!"

So this is the kind of leadership we can expect from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Great.

Biden says that Mexico is "corrupt" and an "erstwhile democracy." I'm sitting here trying to figure out what Biden wants out of Mexico. If he wants to end corruption, wouldn't he support Lopez Obrador? But I don't think he wants a leftist in there. Given his own policies, I'll be he's happy as a clam with Felipe Calderon. So what's with the talk about corruption then? But what's really going on is that Joe Biden doesn't know anything about Mexico. And what he does know, he's probably learned from movies.

Plus, the idea that Mexico is to blame for US drug problems is laughable at best and irresponsible at worst. Yeah, a lot of drugs come up from Mexico. Why? Because Americans want to take them! This ain't the Opium Wars here Joe. We're not China and Mexico isn't Britain. We want drugs. We'll pay big money for drugs. We'd like to get them here in the US but I guess sometimes it's easier and cheaper to get them from Mexico. The demand is there Joe. And if you think that closing off the Mexican border with a big ol' fence is going to end drug problems in the US, you are completely insane.

Please, if you're going to be the head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and if you are going to talk about foreign countries, could you please inform yourself just a little bit on the nations in question first? Is that too much to ask?