Friday, March 09, 2007

A 5-1 Ratio that Should Raise Eyebrows

Plenty has been written already about the broiling problem with the 8 government attorneys who were allegedly pressured to investigate Democrats and slow down (or ignore) investigations on Republicans during the past 12 years and senatorial admissions to (at best) questionable phone calls (including from some of New Mexico's "finest") to said attorneys. But Richard (filling in for Randy over at Beautiful Horizons) of a sample of investigations in New Jersey, which netted 67 inquiries into Republicans vs. 298 inquiries into Democrats. As Richard rightly says, the possibility of corruption and cronyism in New Jersey (or anywhere) is well within the realm of possibility, but still, the numbers are disproportionate enough that an investigation into how those numbers compare in other states may be warranted. Let's just hope this doesn't simply die away, because this case certainly has the possibility to be one of the grosser abuses of public power by any politicians since the Watergate affair.