Friday, March 16, 2007

Mister Trend's Random 10

For the record, the Ambulance Ltd. song and the Sleater-Kinney song of the same name are two very different songs. And "Cross Cut Saw Man" is one of the finer examples of the "dirty" blues (check out the album "Raunchy Business: Hot Nuts & Lollypops" for some well-known old dirty blues songs, as well as some hidden gems).

1. "Spillage" - Minutemen
2. "Lounge" - Regina Spektor
3. "Suzie Q" - Creedence Clearwater Revival
4. "Bolero" - Maurice Ravel
5. "Dirty Old Egg-Suckin' Dog" - Johnny Cash
6. "Cross Cut Saw Man" - Tommy McClennan
7. "Stay Where You Are" - Ambulance Ltd.
8. "Sýja Lagio" - Sigur Ros
9. "Stay Where You Are" - Sleater-Kinney
10. "You Scared the Lovin' Outta Me" - Funkadelic