Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sean Hannity: Catholic Basher

NRO's Mike Potemra refers to an exchange between Sean Hannity and Father Tom Euteneuer, (the video is entitled "Judgement Day") a Catholic priest who wrote an article criticizing Hannity, who is a practicing Catholic, for his support for the use of birth control.

Fr. Euteneuer called Hannity a heretic, which, of course, Hannity is, by definition. Hannity's response was to lamely fell back on the standard "Judge not lest yea be judged," beloved by hypocrites the world over. Obviously, this is patently ridiculous coming from a guy who has an "Enemy of the State" segment in his own television show, where he judges liberals for their lack of virulent nationalism, dispensing Hanctimony like Rip Taylor flinging confetti. Hannity's entire schtick is built around judging the patriotism of others. Even more funny was that half-bright Hannity seemed to think that the deployment of this hoary cliche was the debating equivalent of a flying double roundhouse kick. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Fr. Euteneuer had heard that one before. So, Good Catholic Boy Hannity's next move was to...bring up the Catholic priest pedophilia scandal, and criticize Father Euteneuer for not being more concerned with that. Err, touche.

I anxiously await William Donohue's outrage.