Monday, March 26, 2007

An Instant Improvement in Commentators

Thank God.

I know Jaworski will probably be irritating, too, but maybe outside of Tim McCarver, there is absolutely no former-player-turned-commentator to me than Theisman. I remember a game a few years ago where one team got a penalty and had to kick off from further back. Theisman's analysis? "You just don't want that. Because now you have to kick from further back, and the receiving team gets the ball closer to your end zone". Thank you, Captain Obvious. I know many "commentator"/former players are equally dumb (I remember David Justice once telling us that "the last thing you want to do as a hitter here is strike out" when the bases were loaded in one game). Still, NOBODY had a voice as irritating as Theisman's, and NOBODY had less to say in football than Theisman. How he stayed in the business for 19 years is beyond me (I'm sure it was all because of his big "break" on Monday Night football).

He truly was the Tim McCarver of football sportscasters.