Thursday, March 22, 2007

Republicans Hate Black People--Exhibit A

Today, the Republican Party again showed that it hates black people.


House Republicans forced a delay on a bill giving Washington D.C. a representative in the House by attempting to repeal the city's ban on handgun ownership.

That was just a tactic though. This quote showed they don't care much about the gun issue at all.
From Texas Republican Lamar Smith: 'Washington, D.C. is not a state, it cannot have a voting member in the House.'

In addition, George W. Bush has threatened to veto the bill, which would also create another House district that would go to Utah until the next census. Because Washington, D.C. is not a state, he says, they have no right to representation in the House.

Yes, it's good to hear from that bastion of constitutionalism, George W. Bush. I'm sure glad he has also made sure that other parts of the Constitution, such as freedom of speech and protection from cruel and unusual punishment, have also been protected.

It's this basic--Washington, D.C. is a majority black city. It is a certain seat for the Democrats. Thus, the Republicans will do everything they can to not allow these people to have equal representation.

It's racism, pure and simple.