Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Morons, Idiots, and Traitors

I thought I'd see what the Confederate sympathizer reaction is to the John Sims anti-Confederate flag exhibit in Tallahassee is.

It's predictably insane.

Check out Southern Knight. Great name, eh! This "Christian pro-life libertarian" (clearly showing the meaningless of the term "libertarian" today) is upset. After all, he says, "Who decides what being a southerner means ... someone deep in the bowels of the NAACP beast?" Clearly, he means that the people who should decide what being a southerner means are neo-Confederate racist white males. Right on! He goes on, "I am sick and tired of organizations like the NAACP and of people like Sims who insult the south, southerners, and southern culture in order to give themselves a raison d'etre." Sad isn't it? What is a good pro-lynching white guy to do in Florida these days? As for his "Don't Tread on Dixie" flag he has on his site. Might I suggest burning it? Or perhaps dropping it in a vat of pesticide?

The comments to this story at American Renaissance, a blog that seems to be devoted to protecting America's "white heritage" are great too! A couple of first-rate examples:

< style="font-weight: bold;">“Visual terrorism."What I think of when I see four or more young black men wearing certain colors and flashing hand signs walking down the street

Wonder if Sims is Black? They (blacks) are always saying our Founding Fathers are “dead White males” and they were nothing but racists anyway. Typical black “thought processes”.

The official record proves that it was, in fact, the
LINCOLN government which was the REAL embodiment of evil, not the South.

Oh boy...

I'm surprised that our old friend Treason in Defense of Slavery Yankee hasn't commented on this yet. Too bad. I miss his ultra-intelligent discussion of American history...

I think I have to shower now. I feel dirty.