Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This is it: Baseball season starts (oficially, at last) tomorrow. Which means time enough for one last look at the Tribe's prospect before the season starts.

First, in yesterday's news, well, I know his age will eventually catch up with him, but this latest news from Detroit certainly helps the Indians' chances some what (with all due respect to my brother-in-law to-be, who's a big Tigers fan, and with all due respect to Rogers, to whom I wish no harm).The other thing is, this year just looks better.

I'm not saying it will be the Indians' year, but there is absolutely no reason to think (barring any major major disaster) that they will make a serious run, especially with the changes they've made, particularly at third and second (and I'm proud to say that, as Erik can attest, I was calling for Boone to be replaced by Marte since last season started, if for no other reason than to get the young guy the experience). I also generally agree with Jayson Stark. The one area I'm still a bit nevous about is that bullpen - yes, anything over last year (barring converting even fewer saves, which I think may actually be nearly impossible outside of statistics) would be better, but I don't know if they will really make it. Still, bullpens are one of the most random things ever (see: the Tribe's bullpen-star-making of Jose Mesa, Mike Jackson, Bob Wickman, Paul Shuey, etc.), and given how the starters look, and the hitters look, there are definitely reasons to be optimistic. I don't think this is the year (after all, it hasn't been the year for 58 years and counting). Still, as the season kicks off Monday, things are looking rather cheerful for Northeast Ohio.