Thursday, November 06, 2008

McCain at Defense?

Let me throw a terrible idea out here.

And yes, it is a terrible idea.

But let's at least explore it.

What if Obama offered John McCain Secretary of Defense?

Don't yell at me yet.

Could it be a win/win situation?

If he takes it, which I don't think he would it would open a Senate seat that Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano would fill. It would put us one seat closer to the filibuster proof supermajority. It would make Obama look great because he would be "reaching across the aisle" and other such things that pundits like so much. The Republicans would be even more dispirited, seeing their candidate agree to work for the enemy. Plus, you could isolate him in that position much like Colin Powell was in the Bush Administration in 2004.

If he doesn't take it, then it is McCain and the Republicans who look bad for rejecting Obama's attempts at bipartisanship. But Obama still looks great. His numbers goes up and he starts his administration with even more support then he already has.

I know there are lots of reasons to reject this. I don't want any Republicans in the cabinet, and certainly not in a top position. But if there is a politically brilliant reason, I might reconsider my opposition. And maybe this scenario could play out.

OK, now you can yell at me about why this is so stupid.