Thursday, November 06, 2008

Apparently, the transition team already has a website.

I find this immeasurably cool for some reason. Open government? Holy shit! I know it's just a website, but imagine if they actually maintain a presidential blog? Yes, I know it's run by staffers, but they'd be staffers who do report to the Prez. (Yeah, I can call him that, I volunteered in enough states, damnit).

Direct communication to the people? Um, yes please. I know that I'm in journalism and I'm supposed to whine about the media's necessary role, but the media was never meant to participate in the political process to the extent that it does. It's meant to keep an eye on government, to ferret out wrongdoing and keep 'em honest, not to regurgitate press releases. So if the government has a way to send out its own press releases without needing the media, they their jobs?

(This is the part where I put out the obligatory plea to fund public broadcasting, kthx?)

Also, you can go in and hit the Contact form, or tell your campaign story, or whatever. I did both. Used the Contact form to beg 'em to please not pick a Treasury Secretary who has a record of causing controversy on women's issues, and also one who was there for a while already and failed to see our current problems coming.

On that note, I think Rahm Emanuel should be the only representative of the Clinton administration. Hey, change, remember?

That said, I am positively drooling over the suggestions of Janet Napolitano, Bill Richardson, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (who did great work with Greg Palast on the vote theft issue), John Kerry, and Caroline Kennedy.

This is too much fun.