Thursday, November 06, 2008

NFL @ Week 9: AFC

After election night and election hangover day, I nearly forgot that there’s a football game on tonight. It must have been a big week when I almost forget about the Broncos on national television (albeit NFL Network). The only downside is I have to consider the possibility of losing to the Browns; those are truly dark thoughts.

At this point, the Bills look worse than they did last year. With a three way tie for the lead with the Patriots and the Jets, they’re going to devour each other to allow the Dolphins to win the division…Wildcat style. They aren’t that talented a team, but they sure beat the Broncos and they sure are fun to watch. They’re far more interesting than the crap-fests in New York and New England.

Even though the Steelers look as inconsistent as ever, they laid a beating on the Redskins by the rejuvenated arm of Byron Leftwich. I spent a lot of time making fun of him while he stunk up Jacksonville, but he looked very strong. The Cowboys could easily have signed him but, with the stellar play of their QBs lately, I’m sure they have no regrets. Joe Flacco is looking good, but I want to see more Troy Smith passes to Flacco. Reasonably, that should be the other way around, but it seems like all kinds of teams have college fever. Losing to the Browns would be devastating. Brady Quinn sucks but, if there’s any team he can have his little debutante ball against, it’s Denver.

It’s good to see the Titans winning with good ol’ fashioned 1930s style football. As Erik well knows, I appreciate this sort of play but I must suggest to Jeff Fisher more fullback runs. LenDale White and Chris Johnson get plenty of touches; give Ahmard Hall some attention. Last week’s Colts vs. Patriots matchup may have been the worst preseason matchmaking in history. Sure, I would have thought it a good matchup too, but two old, crappy teams are the last thing I want to see.

The Broncos still sit in first place, no matter how badly they’re playing. Even if they lose tonight, they’ll still be in sole possession of the lead…at least until Sunday. With all the injuries--placing two starting tailbacks on IR and losing your defensive captain does not make it look good—it’s pretty hard to see how they’re going to win too many more this season. At least they have the Browns tonight. You know a cornerback is washed up when he is soundly beaten down the field by a really bad quarterback like KC’s Tyler Thigpen. Ronde Barber: you are washed up.

Games about on…gotta go. GO BRONCOS!!