Thursday, November 06, 2008

Just for Fun

Who says pundits are never held accountable?

And things like this always cheer me up a bit, not because the country is in such bad condition, but because the man with 74 days left before retirement is convinced that history will redeem him. And I certainly don't buy into the notion of "bad luck" that some raise in the article. Luck does not determine deregulation policies that allow banks to wield their purchases and spending in such a way as to put the entire economy at risk; luck has nothing to do with how a government deals with disasters like Katrina; and luck has nothing to do with taking an attack on your country and using it to increase the authority of the executive in ways that often violate the constitution. Hopes for history's redemption is all Bush has to lean on at this point, but part of me hopes he lives to be 250 years old to see that, no, George, history will never redeem you.